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The Malian Nationals living in the Jurisdiction of the Embassy of the Republic of Mali to Japan (Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Republic of the Philippines) are approximately 568 people. Most of them lives in Japan.

The Malian Nationals include Professors, students, agronomist engineers, researchers, IT engineers, artist musicians, traders, professional football players and mostly factory workers, etc.

About 269 in Japan, the Malians live essentially in the metropolitan area of Tokyo.

Malian Nationals are 59 in Australia residing mainly in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

In New Zealand, there are 27 Malians Nationals, essentially in Auckland.

Malians living in Republic of Korea are 206. They live essentially in the metropolitan area of Seoul.

In the Republic of the Philippines, there are 07 Malians.

Artists musicians from Mali including a Kora player, a Djembé player (tam-tam drum), a Balafon player (xylophone) and a N’Goni player showcase their skills to the public in Japan on the occasions of festivals and other cultural events.