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General Information

General Information of the Republic of Mali

General Information of the Republic of Mali

  • Official name: Republic of Mali
  • Conventional short form: Mali
  • Government type: Republic
  • President of the Republic: His Excellency Colonel Assimi GOITA, President of the Transition, Head of State, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces
  • Prime Minister: Dr. Choguell Kokala MAIGA, Prime Minister, Head of Government
  • National Day: 22 September (Independence Day)
  • Official language: French
  • Main National languages: Bambara, Bobo, Bozo, Dogon, Peul, Soninké, Songhoy, Sénoufou, Minianka-Mamara, Tamasheq, Hassanya, Khasonké, Mandenkan-Maninkakan ou Malinké, etc.
  • Main Ethnic groups: Bambara, Bobo or Bomu, Bozo, Dogon, Peul, Soninké, Sonrhai, Sénoufo, Minianka, Touareg, Arabe/Maure, Khasonké, Malinké, Maninka, etc.
  • Currency: Franc CFA, pegged to the Euro (1€ = 655,957 Francs CFA)